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Radiator Services

For everything from a complete radiator replacement to simple procedures like a radiator flush, trust that Berkeley Radiator Works is here to be your foremost solution to all vehicular heating and cooling options. We take pride in our work and rely on decades of experience to provide top quality solutions to any make or model of vehicle. Call us today at 510-845-3151 for more information or to receive an estimate.

We can provide any of the following radiator repairs and services:

radiator services, radiator repair shop
  • Air Conditioner & Heater Repairs

  • Antifreeze Coolant Replacement

  • Cooling Sensor Repairs & Replacement

  • Custom Hoses

  • Custom Radiators

  • Fan Belts Repairs & Replacement

  • Gas Tank Repairs

  • Heater Core Repairs & Replacement

  • Heater Hose Repairs & Replacement

  • Radiator Repairs & Replacement

  • Radiator Cap Repairs & Replacement 

  • Radiator Fan Repairs & Replacement

  • Radiator Hose Repairs & Replacement

  • Radiator Recoring

  • Serpentine Belt Repairs & Replacement

  • Temperature Sensor Repairs & Replacement

  • Thermostat Repairs & Replacement

  • Water Pump Repairs & Replacement

Radiator Repair: If your radiator has a problem that can be serviced without having to replace the entire unit, Berkeley Radiator Works is happy to analyze your issue and make the repairs to help bring it back to optimal functionality. Our experienced professionals are versed in all the problems that radiators can experience: from minor issues that are quickly resolved to tricky problems that may need a bit more than the standard repairs to resolve.

Radiator Installations: Sometimes your radiator can fall victim to several problems and may require a complete replacement before your car is back to optimal functionality. If we find that your radiator has seen better days and needs to be replaced, Berkeley Radiator Works is your first choice in top tier radiator replacements. We’ll have the old unit removed, and the new unit installed in no time at all, allowing you to get back on the road with a vehicle that’s performing to its highest capabilities.

Heating and Cooling Repair: Your radiator may not be the sole source of a heating or cooling issue. If we find that your troubles aren’t eliminated after a radiator repair or installation, we’ll hunt down the source of the problem as it exists in your heating or cooling system and makes the necessary repairs to it. Whatever your problem may be, you’ll leave Berkeley Radiator Works with a highly functioning system, guaranteed.

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