Radiator troubles can leave your automobile with serious deficiencies, especially if you rely on the heating or cooling. Moreover, radiator troubles can also affect a number of other functions of your vehicle, leaving you with a myriad of problems that all root back to the same component. Before your automobile begins to function at a sub-par level and you’re left wondering what the issue is, bring your car to Berkeley Radiator Works to ensure that it’s back in tip-top shape in no time at all. Our professionals have decades of experience when it comes to determining the nature of your radiator trouble and we’re committed to helping you restore this crucial component of your vehicle back to its highest working order. Take a look at how we can help you:

  • Custom Hoses

  • Custom Radiators

  • Gas Tank Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Heater Repairs

  • Radiator Installation

  • Radiator Recoring

  • Radiator Fan Repairs

  • Radiator Hose Repairs

  • Thermostat Repairs

  • Water Pump Repairs

We build custom radiators for classic and new cars


As a one-stop radiator shop, Berkeley Radiator Works prides itself on offering all-encompassing radiator services. From minor adjustments and component replacements, to an entirely new radiator installation, our technicians will address and resolve your radiator issues to a degree of perfection that’s simply unmatched anywhere else. We stand by our workmanship and professional service and are happy to prove to you why we’re the number one radiator specialist in California. Take a look at why we’ve been a trusted service provider for over 65 years:

  • Our staff members are Certified MAC (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) Technicians & Accredited Members

  • We have had an A+ rating with the BBB regarding radiator repairs and auto services for over 50 years

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